MedzExchange Strategic Partner Programme
Strategic Partner Programme

As a Strategic Partner, you can leverage your industry expertise and contacts to introduce and manage buyers across the globe who are interested in purchasing EU-manufactured pharmaceutical products.

These buyers could be EU-based parallel importers, clinical trial sourcing clients, or importers of EU-manufactured pharmaceutical products. By utilizing the secure and efficient MedzExchange platform , Strategic Partners have the potential to generate revenue and create a sustainable business model based on their industry knowledge and network.

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One of the key benefits of the Programme is the opportunity for revenue generation.

As a Strategic Partner, you will earn a commission on successful transactions facilitated through the MedzExchange platform. This commission structure ensures that you are rewarded for your efforts in bringing customers and suppliers to the platform.

In addition to revenue generation, the Strategic Partner Programme grants you the freedom to operate independently.

You can manage your own clients and suppliers while leveraging your existing network and expertise. MedzExchange provides a reliable and compliant environment, instilling trust and credibility in the platform. This allows you to offer your clients a secure solution for their pharmaceutical needs.

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The MedzExchange on boarding team is dedicated to offering comprehensive training and support to our Strategic Partners.

This includes conducting demos and training sessions for potential clients referred by our Strategic Partners. As the key account manager for these introduced clients, the Strategic Partner assumes the responsibility of managing these accounts. This role comes with the advantage of full visibility into all client activities within MedzExchange, accessible through the Strategic Partner Dashboard.

A crucial aspect of the Strategic Partner Programme is the contractual arrangement.

You have the flexibility to retain your clients for as long as you wish, with no interference from MedzExchange. We respect the relationship between Strategic Partners and their clients, and we do not have any provision to take over clients or unilaterally cancel Strategic Partner contracts. This ensures that you maintain full control over your client relationships and can nurture and grow your business independently.

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In the event that you wish to cancel the contract in a mutually agreed environment, MedzExchange offers compensation based on the number of years the client has been onboard and the average commission generated in the last 12 months. This compensation acknowledges your effort and business development during your partnership with MedzExchange, fostering a positive and mutually beneficial relationship

MedzExchange offers three levels of Strategic Partner Programme.

The commission structure and the benefits are different for each level. Please get in touch with the onboarding team for further details.

By joining the MedzExchange Strategic Partner Programme, you position yourself at the forefront of the evolving pharmaceutical industry.

You can capitalize on emerging trends and leverage the platform's capabilities for growth and expansion. Through our comprehensive onboarding process, you will receive training and support to effectively navigate the platform and maximize your success. With MedzExchange, you can transform your industry knowledge and connections into a thriving business opportunity

If you are interested to join or wanted to know more about the programme, please

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Strategic Partner Programme